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What is Local Search Marketing?
Local Search Marketing is a highly effective way of attracting motivated buying customers and putting them in front of your products and services. Most people when looking for a product or service want to find a local business to help them solve a problem. Attracting new business here means that we are connecting with the customers who are more likely to spend money with your business. Local SEO companies employ a wide variety of proven online strategies that include, Google+ Local, 3rd Party Review sites, and Directory listings to ensure it’s your company that gets found time and time again by local customers.
How long will it take to get my Google local listing live?
When we implement a local search marketing strategy for any business, we claim your Google+ Local business page. Once claimed, Google needs to verify the listing and currently sends the business owner a postcard with a verification code. This can take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive by snail mail. Once we receive the code we can set your Google+ Local page live.
How will local search engine marketing help my business?
Local search marketing can help you attract new customers by increasing your online presence. Through local SEO and PPC you will improve your online presence, get more customers and increase sales. Ultimately what we help you achieve is letting consumers in the local area know your business exists and drive visits to your business page.
Where will my business be listed?
Local search marketing can get your business in front of your customers on regular search engine results pages as well as on Google Maps. Within the organic search results, well-optimized local business listings will appear.
Why is it Important to Claim My Local Business Listings?
It is very important to claim your local business listings such as Google+ because:

  • It ensures the search engines find the correct information about your business and deliver targeted results to your prospects.
  • It improves your rank in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • People looking for where you are located can easily find you.
  • You will also have full control over your brand, messages and content on the web.


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